Friday, February 4, 2011

Help - to aid, assist, improve

That's my one word for 2011. I feel like it was just handed to me - literally popped in my head. Funny. I had been thinking on this idea since hearing of this at the beginning of the year. Instead of creating these New Year's resolutions that almost always fail, this idea is to have a guiding word for the year. You can find out more on the web site. I thought and thought on this and even got down to a "short list" of three words. Help wasn't even on the short list. Then just as I was going to put a stake in the ground and record my one word officially - help popped into thought. I pondered it briefly, referred to and new instantly that it was my 2011 word. I love how simple it is. I love how I can use it as a lens to examine what I do at home, at work, with friends and in the community.

I'm really not "that girl"; not the first to say - How can I help? Admittedly, I avoid asking that question and opt instead to offer up something I wouldn't mind doing, something that limits my getting too involved in situations where it is obvious that help is needed. What am I afraid of? This is going to seriously stretch my comfort zone, open up new opportunities to develop deeper relationships, and benefit others. I have friends and life is pretty comfortable in my little corner of the world, but the person I want to become is helpful. Imagine if that is the first thing that came to mind when someone thought of you. ...Oh yes, I know her; she's so helpful. I'm stoked!

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