Friday, February 18, 2011

Dipping a toe into Pilates

Risking another failure I am stepping out and signing up for some Pilates classes at a small local studio in my downtown area. Yesterday I spent 30 mins. with the owner and she led me through about 4 exercises on the reformer (pictured at left). I had to admit it was hurting my lower back to just lie so flat on it. Right away I noticed it was my lacy underpants that were pressing into the skin of my butt causing the pain -OMG can you believe it? The instructor confirmed that you need to choose your clothing wisely for comfort. Note to self - there are clothes for this - time to hit my local Target. Grin.
On this rainy Saturday morning I actually attended my first class - class size limited to 4 since the studio is petite and there are just 4 reformers. Hey - it went well! My secret weapon was a thong under my leggings - Ha! I even caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror a few times and thought I didn't look like total blob or anything. I didn't keep absolute pace with the class but I felt good about my capabilities and about the fact that I didn't do anything embarrassing during the hour. The instructor was awesome and knowing I was new she gave me enough attention to ensure my form was good. I really do want to ensure I'm doing the exercises with good form; otherwise, what's the point? Now I'll go on-line and sign-up for classes that will fit into my schedule to keep this going.

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