Monday, June 28, 2010

Cherries at last...the last cherries

Somehow I nearly missed cherry season this year. I guess if you blink - they are gone. :-) I did receive a nice basket of them in my organic food delivery which comes every Friday, so on Sunday morning I decided cherry cobbler for breakfast sounded divine. I give a hat tip to Heidi over at 101 Cookbooks (love her site/blog) for the clean & delicious recipe. Her recipes never disappoint!
On the subject of food - I went to the county fair yesterday to watch the horse races and while there got a chocolate covered frozen banana - rolled in nuts. OM-gosh - yummy!

Friday, June 25, 2010

How fast can an old -er woman pedal...

How big is the dog chasing her? Har har har! I just got back from a solo bike ride - huf, puf - been a long time but it felt (mostly) good. I had a rough day, what can I say. I really did. I have no explanation based on my situation or surroundings. And so I think, I just think, I might finally be feeling the effects of my surgical hysterectomy in my crazy hormones.

Dear God,
Is this menopause? What were you thinking? How are we supposed to survive if we no longer recognize our own personalities or dispositions? OK, I get it...something good will come out of this season in my life. I'll somehow be stronger and wiser on the other side. But today, God, really stunk!
Karen L.

I do thank God for amazing friends, who, here at the end of my week will welcome me - in any disposition - to their friendly Friday Night gathering where everything is all right. :-)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

30 day count down

Yes, I am the MOB (Mother of the Bride). My beautiful daughter will be married on July 24th to a really loving and fun guy. We are very pleased - they seem quite well suited for each other. But, yikes - 30 days. The lists abound. My brain really swims when I try to get a grip on the details between now and then. Thankfully "the girl", as her father affectionately calls her, has a sharp mind for details. Well, I like to think I did too, when I was 25. GRIN. Today we paid the DJ and went again to alterations on the dress - the bustle has been a challenge but I think we have it licked now and we'll pick up the dress Saturday.
A bocce ball outing with my work was a fun diversion from my normal 8 - 5 grind today. Isn't it odd that I have worked at this place for more than 3 years and I could not name half the people there - not by looking at them. Technology has really isolated co-workers which is so odd because I work in Information Technology and one of our main strategies is driving collaboration through new technologies. We design and deploy the stuff that actually allows people to be so productive they no longer have to leave their cubicle, office, home office, Starbucks, hotel room, etc., to work on the same team, project, solution, etc. FANTASTIC! 'Doh!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I start things...

Here we first blog post ever. :-) One wonders if I am the last person to begin a blog. I have all these thoughts and ideas that come and go. Why is it when I was younger the vivid engrossment's of the day were much easier to identify? They had staying power. Now firmly entrenched in my middle years I find I'm chasing them down at the end of the day. What kept me fully and gladly occupied? Did I really "think" about anything or just float on the surface? Here, in this space I plan to sort it all out for myself - if others care to follow along - if anyone can learn anything from me or be entertained by my words, so be it. Ha!