Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Woman Is Always In Her Thirties

A woman (at any age) is always a woman in their 30's. A famous designer said this recently when discussing his clothing line. He started out by showing us how to put this particular outfit with a pair of these suede flats and that bag and ...oh my - this would look so great on a woman in her 30's - can't you just see it? He then quickly threw in ...well every woman is really a woman in her 30's, right? It was as if our 30's is the period where we women most identify with, where we were most confident, where our true spirit sort of settles in. Is that right? In our souls do we always feel like we are 30 - ish?

As a woman closing in fast on the mid-century birthday, I certainly don't identify with being 50. I wouldn't even know how to describe what 50 feels like. I'm still trying to keep my figure and my sense of style as I did in my 30's. Wait - scratch that - I may be more in tune with maintaining my figure, my health, and my sense of style than I ever was in my 30's. When I was in my 30's I was consumed with obligations and fun activities as was any other woman raising a family while maintaining a full time career. Looking at those faded photos now, I'm sometimes surprised at how frumpy I looked in those vacation photos with the kids, wearing my pleat front khaki's and fanny pack. I can't believe I let that secret out! Ha!

In this survey out of the UK ( I found results that indicate women feel most beautiful in their 30's - particularly as they peak 40. Apparently we've had enough life experiences by that time to gain confidence and be in a very happy state. I suppose that's a good place in the lifetime of a woman for our spirits to settle and I find no reason to dress less impressively as I hit the big 50 - I mean this is no time to begin wearing Hillary Clinton pantsuits for goodness sakes!

Maybe Isaac has it right!

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  1. I've been told the 50's are the new 40's so it will be a very long time before reaching the old fashioned 50's. You're looking good and feeling good!