Monday, February 28, 2011

Exciting Crochet

Recently I have fallen in love with some fabulous blogs that feature delicious crochet projects. The world of blogging has exposed the talents of so many fabulous people around the globe. I mean, in days gone by I would discover new techniques, styles and colors by taking an occasional trip to the city library and hanging out around Call # 764.43x. The thing is - a lot of the books contained the traditional patterns for everything - rectangle. I have now made at least 127 rectangle projects - big and small. Ha! I would often be jealous of the projects that appeared in the knitting books vs. those for crochet. If you are looking for something thick and boxy - try crochet. If you want something light and lacy, suitable for wearing - you better knit.

Well cancel that thought - the sky seems to be the limit when you look at some of my favorite bloggers. I am so inspired by their limitless imagination and their fabulous ability to pick exciting color schemes for their projects. I will highlight one of my imaginative favorites here -
Attic 24. Lucy describes herself as a happily married stay at home Mum - beautiful, right? That's a picture of her amazing sweet granny blanket posted here. It is reminiscent of my first granny blanket, which I made as a young teenager, but I never imagined such bright and fun colors when I selected my pastel pink, yellow and white creation. Maybe those yarns weren't even available at the time. :-) Though her blog's entire focus is not crochet (life has so much to offer, right?) she has made so many "happy" projects and I can't help but smile when I see what she is working on over there in England! I am really excited about starting something new soon and this Japanese flower scarf looks fab!

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  1. Big smiles all round. THANK YOU, and happy hooking! ♥