Monday, March 28, 2011

Big Bold Vintage Checks

Boy, the sun is out and my creative juices are flowing. I'm currently passionate about the sewing scene. I'm talking about - pulling from your stash or finding the fabric at thrift shops or rummage sales and the same for the patterns. I've been bitten for a while, ever since I discovered the amazing Mena over at Sew Weekly . She really sets the bar high but I've also seen through her weekly challenges that there are a lot of other gals out there in the Sew Weekly Community that are so into this. The UK ladies and their Charity Shop finds really knock me out! I've been afraid to get started but just this past weekend I found an unbeatable deal on this green gingham check. I know - I noticed how large that check is as well, but I'm not deterred. I also found 3 yds. of some solid green cotton/linen fabric. It is more substantial and weighty than the check. What to make - what to make? Now if I'm honest I'd admit that I already have a stash of patterns and fabric in my craft closet. OK - I do - you caught me. Ha! These patterns range from pillows and bedspreads to 80's jumpers and pajama pants. I'm on the lookout for a pattern of a Spring/Summer sundress or top. I have two possible pattern choices from my own stash and I think they have possibilities if I add trim or perhaps some handmade flowers. I may do a little more rummaging around before deciding. I'm looking to Anthropologie for inspiration because basically they use a lot of simple patterns for blouses and dresses and it's more about the fabrications they use, the color combinations and the details in stitching that make these items so current. After all, I've invested $3.50 in fabric and expectations are high! I'd love to hear from you in comments if you have any ideas for me. Keep in mind - I'll be 50 soon so I do need a certain level of classic in my wardrobe though I have a young spirit. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Thrifty Discovery

You have to be in the mood to go thrifting but I must say I'm in the mood more often than not. My main problem is time; I work Mon. - Fri. and a lot of the quirky / bargain-filled thrift shops aren't open evenings. Not every trip's a success and I can sometimes spend an hour or more in one shop, struggling to make a decision and leaving empty handed. Thankfully I do enjoy the hunt. Yesterday, as luck would have it, I left work a bit early to make a doctor visit and traffic was in my favor. I ended up having 30 mins. to spare within 3 city blocks of a thrift shop. After the long day of sitting and the commute back to my town I justified the stop as a way to stretch my legs and troubled back before more sitting at the Dr. I was convinced. Ha! With the pressures of the clock and the poor track record of this particular shop - I had my doubts but - Ta Dah! - lookie what I found.
I'm pretty excited about this look for Spring. My 26 year old daughter is bananas over a little cardigan she just got in this exact mustard yellow - won't she be impressed. I can't believe the cute necklace I found at the register to compliment this top. I can do a lot of things with this wardrobe addition. Total cost for both - $5.00! Have you had similar success? Please share in the comments.