Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Thrifty Discovery

You have to be in the mood to go thrifting but I must say I'm in the mood more often than not. My main problem is time; I work Mon. - Fri. and a lot of the quirky / bargain-filled thrift shops aren't open evenings. Not every trip's a success and I can sometimes spend an hour or more in one shop, struggling to make a decision and leaving empty handed. Thankfully I do enjoy the hunt. Yesterday, as luck would have it, I left work a bit early to make a doctor visit and traffic was in my favor. I ended up having 30 mins. to spare within 3 city blocks of a thrift shop. After the long day of sitting and the commute back to my town I justified the stop as a way to stretch my legs and troubled back before more sitting at the Dr. I was convinced. Ha! With the pressures of the clock and the poor track record of this particular shop - I had my doubts but - Ta Dah! - lookie what I found.
I'm pretty excited about this look for Spring. My 26 year old daughter is bananas over a little cardigan she just got in this exact mustard yellow - won't she be impressed. I can't believe the cute necklace I found at the register to compliment this top. I can do a lot of things with this wardrobe addition. Total cost for both - $5.00! Have you had similar success? Please share in the comments.


  1. I love this! That mustard yellow is perfect and at $5 that is a steal! And I am very impressed :) Maybe we can hit a thrift store this weekend.

  2. @Lo - thanks for stopping by. Your opinion counts! Ha. Sure thing SVDP had some real deals - surprising jewelry, too.

  3. it's my favorite color... mustard yellow.
    thank you for the post :)

  4. This is a fabulous find! I adore my local Goodwill and make it a habit to stop in every Friday.

  5. Lines n Shades - nice to meet you! Thanks for stopping by. I popped over to your blog briefly and loved what I saw - I'll be back!

    Tess - I am so jealous of your Goodwill - I've followed your posts from the Manor and you've made killer finds. My GW is so over priced but this little surprise came from St. Vincent DePaul. I love the hunt.