Thursday, November 11, 2010

Me and Isaac...

Hi, my name is Karen and I admit I watch QVC. Whew! OK - I'm outed now and I feel better for it. GRIN. Mainly it is part of my morning ritual to have it on while I get ready for work. There are other times, too where it is just comforting to have it on in the background while I am crafting, sewing, cooking, etc. I feel like some of these hosts are friends of mine since I've watched them for so many years. Oops, this confession is probably best saved for the therapists couch! Most importantly - I'm not one of those kooky compulsive buyers so it's not a financial problem for me to watch.

One day recently I got a note on Facebook saying Isaac Mizrahi would be doing a show and there was an opportunity to submit a fashion question - Isaac would pick one and answer it on air. Well, don't you know I submitted a question but then forgot to watch the darn show - probably went to work. Ha! He selected my question and then apparently gave his answer from a drawing table on-air, sketching as he explained. A few days later QVC contacted me and told me they would like to send me the drawing he made and signed. Fun, fun, fun!

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  1. I love it! So now you wear the turtleneck, big satchel, short skirt and knee high boots! smile! What a thrill...I so like his personality and I'm sorry you missed the moment but look at you sporting a drawing by him!! Congratulations. ps I own the best glass cooktop cleaner in the world thanks to QVC.