Tuesday, November 9, 2010

On Kitchens And Husbands

I spend a lot of time in the kitchen these days. Yes, I do have that full time job taking up the better part of my day but since Hubby and I have committed ourselves to 'the healthy life' I'm in the kitchen lots cooking fresh food. I have to say it's not bad. I like being in the kitchen creating delicious and nutritious things to eat. The current obsession of my Hubs is to demolish, renovate, remodel, redesign, update, etc., our kitchen. I don't have a fancy kitchen and I don't seem to require one since I'm turning out some pretty decent fare despite the lack of chic design or fancy & feature rich new-ish appliances. Having recently downsized to this house a year ago it wasn't in the cards to find a less expensive home with a better kitchen than what I was leaving behind. We ended up finding a great house in an excellent location that had what we thought was a crappy kitchen. That didn't deter us - we bought it anyway - making wise-cracks about the kitchen cabinets resembling those you'd find in an RV saying ... That there is an RV, Clark or I can't believe this is a trailer. Ha ha ha! We felt it was crappy, yet serviceable, and not anything that needed immediate repair. The house had other more urgent repairs / updates needed simply to enable us to move in and those took priority. A diamond in the rough - that's how I like to think of it!

Stay tuned for more on the kitchen and our remodeling plans. Hubby has his creative juices flowing (yes he fixates on things!) and is doing all kinds of research finding very interesting appliances, cabinets, islands and such. I think it's so funny that a guy who spends almost no time in the kitchen cooking is excited about designing and building the new and improved kitchen. I love his energy and drive to collect and organize the data; and I also know he wants me to have a nice kitchen. He loves me and he never stops showing it. How lucky am I?

So enjoy these functional and dated before pictures - I have no time line for the after pictures.


  1. We can always make do and this kitchen is a serviceable as the next but.....a new updated kitchen, new lighting, new appliances...a wonderful leap into new! Best of luck on this remodeling! Husband is a good guy and appreciates his good wife!!

  2. I agree that it is functional yet you are way too "hip" for this kitchen. I can picture it now...an island, stainless appliances, new overhead lighting...how fun!

  3. Ooh and you may want to check out this kitchen for inspiration: http://theinspiredroom.net/2010/11/08/inspiring-finds-whats-new-and-a-fabulous-kitchen/

    I LOVE the textiles, backsplash, and bar seating!

  4. @Blue Sky - New lighting would be awesome. Yes hubby is my biggest fan. :-)

    @Lauren - that kitchen is beautiful but I won't be able to talk the man into painted cabinets - already tried. He likes to see the wood he paid for. Ha! I do feel inspired by that and love that you think I am too "hip" for my own kitchen. Funny!