Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Little Cabin in the Woods...

It reminds me of a little tune about Little Bunny Foo Foo hopping through the forest, which I used to sing with the kids when they were small. I'm sure you know it too. Well a little cabin in the woods is now something more near and dear to my heart as hubby and I wrestle with the idea of a vacation home. Is now the time to buy given all the foreclosures and really low prices? Is it too much of a stretch for us? The youngest is almost through with college and we have been doing the pay-as-you-go so as hubby likes to say - when the boy gets done with school we get a pay raise. LOL!

Life has been rolling along clickity- clack since the holidays. Work has been busy and the new year seems to indicate more of the same for which I am grateful. There is some fear of creating this new obligation but I'm one to jump right to fear - it's in my DNA - so I have to be sure I'm not being unreasonably fearful. Hubby is a Steady Eddy; he can see his way through things and doesn't operate out of fear. We're a good team that way. So this is what we are thinking on this January. The photo's are of a little place on 1.5 fairly private acres about 30 mins. from Kirkwood ski resort in CA. It needs a whole new deck and it's time for a roof but has so much character and charm.
Let's just say - if things progress I'll write more. After all - think of the decorating projects!


  1. I like the photos. Always prefer a second floor deck...more of a tree line view. Near the snow...I can tell with that little roof over the door! Best of luck in deciding on this new addition to your lives. Fun decorating for sure!

  2. @ Blue Sky - for now this idea is "on hold" but if you know anything about me you know there will be others. It seems the little cabin is destined for auction blocks and that we found her too late to pull her from that fate. We may see how that goes but we are quickly tiring of the real esate game in these times that make dealing with banks trying and complex. I think they make up the rules as you go along! Ha!