Tuesday, October 19, 2010

15 Things I Learned on a 15 Day Cleanse


And when I say WE I mean the hubby and me. Yesterday we concluded our 15 day cleanse mainly brought to us by Arbonne. No, I don't sell Arbonne but I do think their products are A+. I have some nutritional education behind me and I investigated with a sceptical mind before we embarked. I mean, I was looking for an excuse not to do this - you know how it goes. Ha! So if you don't have time to read further but are interested in getting your system back on track and your eating under control, email me and I'll give you all the details and contact info.

Now what did I learn during this process?

  1. Chocolate is better than vanilla
  2. My hubby is still crazy about me!
  3. The man I married is still my best friend :-)
  4. We adapt to our situation and get creative within those limits
  5. This is a perfect activity for restless or apathetic empty-nester couples
  6. Broccolini, raspberries and vanilla shake mix - yuck! Broccolini, orange and vanilla - Yum!
  7. I'm competitive
  8. We're not cheaters!
  9. I finish things (man, do I love that feeling!)
  10. We like doing things together, we just didn't remember that
  11. You save a lot of money by not eating out
  12. Yes, you can invite people to a delicious dinner while on this cleanse
  13. Yes, you can go to social events and have fun - even without alcohol
  14. Water is life and the solution to pollution is dilution!
  15. Hey, I'm a HOT 40-something grandma married to one HOT grandpa!!
Where do we go from here? Hubby feels so good about the program and got such great results that he is continuing with 2 protein shakes with fiber boost twice a day (breakfast & lunch) for ongoing weight loss goals. I am cautiously returning to chewing all my meals but with a new level of control on quantity and content. I don't want to lose the benefits of the last 15 days. I'll stick with ...eat food, not too much, mostly plants (as Michael Pollan says).

What have you got to lose ...might as well jump!


  1. Congratulations to both of you...your experience with this cleanse sounds spirit changing. Pablo was impressed with your remarks and is considering a 15 day program IF we do it together for support and AFTER we have a few birthday and anniversary dinners...so now we are talking mid November. I will contact you for information as I have done this before but not with these products. Again congratulations on all aspects of this program!

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  3. I meant to comment on this sooner. I am so impressed with the success of both of you. Keep up the good work!

  4. @ Lauren - Thanks! It's been unifying.
    @ Blue Sky - I understand! Let me know if you need any info. Thanks for stopping by!