Monday, September 27, 2010

Going to the Ball at Willow Manor

I've got my date for the Willow Manor Cyber Ball and not a moment too soon since the much anticipated Ball is today! I'm so excited that Donald Trump will be in town after all - whew! - that guy is B U S Y and it was touch and go for a time. Yes, of course I had other escorts lined up, but he was my first choice. I find Donald anything but boring, plus any man who looks good in a pink tie alredy has and edge with me. I can't wait to run my fingers through that hair - it is his hair they say!

He's picking me up in his new car - the Mercedes-Benz SLR McClaren. Luxury!!

I'm baring skin shoulders - in the iconic black "cold shoulder dress" by Donna Karan. Darn, but I should have taken a photo of it for you. Both Liza and Hillary have worn a version of this dress in the past. I'm head over heels for it. Donna knows a woman's shoulders never get fat - it's the one place she says - show it off. Ha! My tootsies will be stuffed into the most amazing pick patten leather stilleto's I could find. Of course I expect these will go wonderfully with Donald's tie.
Mr. Trump is pretty excited about the networking opportunity the Ball at Willow Manor offers. He's a work-a-holic and so even when he is being social I'm sure he'll have an eye for a deal. I may be witness to some real property transactions - oh my!
The night is young and if you didn't get an invitation this year please do stop by Willow's Cyber Ball and check it out so you are sure to be on the guest list for next year. The champagne cocktails are simply divine!


  1. You have the most interesting date!

  2. I am so delighted to see you and your date 'the Donald' have arrived. Your pumps are stunning but do pace yourself on the dance floor especially after that tousle in the car! It's a wild night and the potted palms are hiding all sorts of unexpected trysts! The food and drink are divine...Kato has set up an omelette bar...he is a master chef! See you on the dance floor!

  3. You are a lovely version of Diane Keaton, in my humble opinion. I can even imagine dancing in heels that high and for sure, you will be taller than 'the Donald.' Enjoy!!!

  4. I'm fascinated to meet Mr. Trump in person and get a close-up look at that "hair". Maybe we'll just have to give him a strong electric fan treatment and see if it stays put? The shoes are fab, daaling!

  5. Love the shoes.

    Do tell about the hair - you're awfully brave!

  6. Did you see me wave - I too am tall and with the shoes I was wearing..why, I reached the sky. How lovely you looked! Mr. Trump appeared rather limp and weedy beside the gorgeous you, but then I suppose money talks even if he doesn't...much. Oh, I'm being mean...I expect he is charm itself when you get to know him. I think I must be suffering the effects of last nights wonderful festivity. Perhaps a Bloody Mary will put me back on track! Lovely have met you...I shall be back to visit again I'm sure. xx

  7. Good morning!
    I so envied your shoes last night,,and you certainly danced well in them!
    The Donald asked me to dance, but I was right in the middle of searching for Harry.
    So disappointed,,I wanted to check out the comb-over.