Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It's a God Thing

No, the post title is not a typo. I didn't intend to say - it's a good thing. That's what Martha often says and Lord knows I love Martha. Ha! Today it was a God thing for sure. I have been dealing with some annoying back and neck pain. It's not new; it comes and goes. I've been in some agony for about a week now and the discomfort has been such that I have not been sleeping the past 2 nights. All day today at work I was just hyper aware of my neck and my lower back. I knew I needed to get to the chiropractor after work. So after 2 blah days at work and a general down feeling (poor me) I arrived at Dr. Mora's office expecting nothing more than a distracted Dr. giving me his full 3 - 5 mins. of attention / adjustments and out the door I'd go hoping for the best. The visit went like this:
Dr. Mora: Hi, how are you?
Me: Fine, well, er, my back and neck are killing me.
Dr. Mora: Have you been busy?
Me: Well yeah - Patrick had that surgery - it was big - remember? His whole chest got opened up - huge deal? I went through that with him. Thinking...As if I had the surgery myself - poor me. Don't you feel bad for me? I've been stressed.
Dr. Mora: Let's see! Lay flat on your face...twist, turning of the neck, ah, yes this is a difficult place to adjust...oh you are doing so well that was a great are going to feel so much better! Now lay on your side facing me. Folds my arms this way, my hips forward my knee bent - you know, like a pretzel basically...
Me: Realizing I'd done all the talking and he was so upbeat and cheerful I say - How have you been?
Dr. Mora: Great! Thank you so much for asking! I am just so blessed!
Me: Just before the big squeeze, smash, pressure adjustment I exhale - well that's a great attitude!
Dr. Mora: We all are. You know? So blessed.
Me: Breathing normal again - post adjustment - you are so right Dr. I was just thinking that very thing! 'Doh!
That my friends is a God thing! God knew exactly what I needed today and put me straight on a path to visit Dr. Mora - who, by the way, I have never talked to in such a way before. As we walked back to the lobby he told me he had been to Haiti in July and it had a profound affect on him.

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  1. I believe we act as angels for one another in lovely and important ways...I'm sure you were his (Dr. Mora) angel as well. Glad you are on the's been an quite a summer!