Saturday, August 28, 2010

Back to School Finale!

It's that time of year again - back to school. This is the last year that back to school will really apply to me - as a Mom. Oh, I'll never forget those "first day of school" photos of the kids in a new outfit, holding a new lunchbox, a new backpack, sporting a new haircut and bright smiling faces taken in front of the house, the classroom, the car, etc. These photos are among my very favorites! What I mean is this year my youngest child of the three will return to college for his Senior year. That's it for me - the grand finale. I remember feeling a loss when he completed high school - the last one through the K - 12 era. Before I could get too sad we were helping him buy all the supplies kids think they need to move away and live in a dorm, packing him up, driving him to college, shipping care packages, responding to emails about laundry questions, cooking questions, banking questions and supplying the credit card to buy all those books each term. I was right back in Mom mode - albeit part time. I liked part time!

This summer has been one of great emotion for our family. The daughter got married and we put on a beautiful wedding celebration for her and her husband and then this youngest son had a very major surgery. He was in the hospital for 6 days. It had a positive outcome and we did know he'd need it this year but still it's a tough thing to take your child - of any age - to the hospital for surgery. He's been with us while recuperating and so unlike last year, when he trouped around Europe and we barely saw him; this year we got attached to him again.

Tomorrow we go to his college town and we will move him into the apartment he will live in for his Senior year. I bought him some new jeans for back to school - ha! I'll see if he can get someone to take his picture on the first day of class and email it to me so I can file it with all the rest I love so much.

Now what's this mid-life momma going to do next? I bought a book and might see if some of my friends in a similar situation might like to do a discussion group around it.


  1. A pleasure to be your header.
    I too remember those 'back to school' preparations...buying the latest in backpacks and shoes were one of our main purchases. Why did we always take our back to school morning photos in the same place? ha
    This book sounds perfect as a study book. Some of my best times have come from book studies...allows a new focus to come into ones life...good luck!

  2. @ Blue Sky - thanks for stopping by! It does feel like a new time is emerging for me. Some associations that formerly held my interest no longer do. I'm trying on new experiences to see how they fit.

  3. Nice post! I love those back to school photos too. You always dressed us up so nicely and then when we returned home you made sure to ask if anyone liked our outfit :) I hadn't really thought of how sad it is that those will never be taken again. Sometimes life moves too quickly for reflection. Thanks for sharing!