Tuesday, August 3, 2010

L's wedding - fun, fun!

Don't forget to notice the cute Spiegel gold jacket I blogged about on July 3rd! It worked for me. :-)

How do you pick just a few snap shots to share from such a special day?

On July 24th our only girl was married in a beautiful outdoor ceremony at a local winery. We enjoyed every minute of it. In fact the wedding was a culmination of several days festivities. The groom had many out of town relatives and we had some ourselves. Thursday evening we hosted the groom's mother and her family at our home for a nice outdoor dinner. They were lovely people. After dinner it was the local wine bar for a family & friends "Wedding Jam"! so much talent in this group. We loved it!
Friday brought flower arranging, bouquet making, mani-pedi's with the maids and wedding rehearsal followed by a huge rehearsal dinner that included out of town guests hosted by the grooms parents. If that wasn't enough there were about 40 of us who spontaneously hit the local pub for Karaoke - oh...do they love to sing & dance this group.
Finally Saturday was here and the 11 bridesmaids (yes, 11!) started arriving at the house at 10 a.m. to get ready and help the bride get ready. I was so thrilled to get to be a part of all that. The photographer even came to the house as did the hair stylist. Can't wait to see the photographer pictures someday soon.
It all came off without a hitch and everyone said it was a great wedding! We think this couple is really blessed with wonderful family and friends. Life is good!


  1. It was an absolutely amazing weekend and day! You selected great pictures to provide a taste of the days' festivities. Dave and I truly are blessed :)

  2. I've taken the tour and love, love this blog. Also LOVE the photos of the wedding...a wonderful beginning to probably an avalanche of images and sweet memories! I WILL RETURN!

  3. Lauren, thanks for my first comment on my blog! Glad you like what's going on here.

    MaryAnn, I appreciate you stopping by. Your blog is a terrific inspiriation to me. The photo of the old fashioned rose in the header is one I took at the state capital rose garden. :-)