Friday, July 30, 2010

Vagabond Dreaming

I can't help it; my mind keeps bouncing back to this idea of jumping in a vehicle, specifically a VW Westfalia Vanagon and hitting the open road. I want to break free from the normal day to day grind, the land of grey..cubicles, and see the coundtry, see the world. Hats off to these adventurous folks who took that notion to the extreme .

I'm sure I'll have to start a little closer to home but now I know what is possible. Once you know what is possible you've then got a spark; and it only takes a spark to get a little smolder going, and then, with enough of a breeze, a real blaze can break out.

I haven't posted in a while and that's because life was all about the wedding of my daughter. The wedding was a huge success and took place last Saturday. I'll post more details (yes, with pictures) very soon. Maybe it's this post-wedding lull that has me back in that Westy, truckin' down the highway, looking for adventure. Now to convince big D. Ha!

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