Saturday, July 3, 2010

Looking good - for a mom

Well the pieces are coming together with regard to the MOB outfit for L's big day. This Spiegel, deal of the century jacket, arrived yesterday by mail and I could not be more pleased. When you order on-line it is a bit "chancy" especially when considering the fit. You can get the feel for the style all right but the models have nary a bump or curve and you know they are all wearing it in a size 4, right? Ha! I plan to wear this for my entrance to the ceremony atop my royal blue satin fitted shift dress. It has tasteful ruching (sp) and hits at the knee. Let me just say when I tried it on I nearly cried - so hot - so cute...for a mom. Actually I think I better be prepared for L to borrow this down the road - it's that cool.

Well the Mr. and I have the whole long weekend at our feet and no official plans. The family is all busy with other plans and so we'll take it day by day. There's plenty to do around the yard to get ready for out of town guests and entertaining. Today he promises we'll start with a nice long walk before it gets too hot. Now to just get him out of bed. GRIN. I am thinking again about making plans for the 12.5 mile fund-raising hike at Westminster Woods in September. So beautiful - such a great challenge and accomplishment. Can I do the work outs leading up to it? Stay tuned...

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