Saturday, July 23, 2011

Blushing Blouse - Finis!

My dressed up and more romantic take on the same peasant blouse pattern I used for the vintage gingham - peasant top is finally finished. I blogged about this blouse back in May and never thought it would take me this long to complete. I live a full life - what can I say? Ha ha! I do love that one pattern produced two lovely tops with completely different looks. Now that's value! Adding to that value, the two fabrics I used were dirt cheap. The green and white jumbo gingham check was thrifted and the beautiful blush crepe was red-tagged at Joanne's - a steal. Will I be packing this little gem for my September Las Vegas trip - you betcha!

How are you stretching your fashion budget during this recession/ near depression?


  1. This is just darling and will look great on your trip and all other evenings out. Are you still attending the local sewing classes?

  2. Thanks! It's much cuter on and has a great open neckline. I am still going once a week. It keeps me on task. Now to make that dress that buttons down the front. Eeek!